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    I’ve been using the BL20A to power my custom bookshelf speakers (peerless drivers). I found that using my tv headphone jack as the source was actually introducing distortion. So I switched to using the optical output into the K1 as a pre-amp. Sounds awesome. Just added an SVS sub to round out the bottom end – really appreciate the output on the BL20A to take the volume and bass/treble adjusted signal out to the sub. Works perfect.

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    I’m trying to use the Pre-amp out on the BL20A to run a second set of speakers through a BT20A-S. My goal is to create a zone system that can also run two pair of speakers simultaneously with the same music playing. I am running the pre-amp out from the BL20 to the RCA in on the BT20A-S and getting no sound from the BT20A-S, while there is sound from the BL20A. It seems as if this should be possible to do. Any ideas?

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