K5 Pro Mini Gaming DAC – My Impression after 1 month of use

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    Dear Friends,

    I have already shared my initial impression using K5 Pro as DAC/headphone amp on facebook community.

    Now K5 Pro has replaced my more expensive Topping D30 on desktop stereo setup, it has been surprisingly good and I don’t think I am going to switch back now.

    It has joined my XTZ Edge A2-300 amplifier and Dali Zensor speakers, running with optical in from TV.

    Clean and crisp sound, fast and deep base, and overall very engaging sound. All functions have been working very well, no issues what so ever.

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    K5 pro has volume control and therefore it works very well as DAC/Pre-Amplifier in this setup.

    Seeing its performance so far, it makes me think that addition of bluetooth input, subwoofer pre-out and a remote control would make it ultimate low budget DAC/Pre-Amp/Headphone Amplifier. you won’t need anything else……..

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    This looks really compact and solid. Are you hooking it up to a PS5?

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      No, it is a power amplifier, XTZ Edge A2-300.

      I use gaming laptop, K5 pro is connected to TV using optical cable. K5 Pro has replaced my much expensive Topping DAC already 🙂

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    @Fosi Audio – Addition of a basic remote will take the experience to the next level….. please do consider it.

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