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DAC Fosi Audio K5 Pro Gaming DAC Review

Audio Gaming Dac model device review :Fosi Audio K5 PRO
Let me introduce myself briefly, my name is Paolo and I was born in thelegendary 70s. I have experienced and loved the evolution of electronicsover the years, especially when computers were evolving visibly and theworld was approaching the Internet. My passion for everything related totechnology ranges from computers, to all audio products (headphones inparticular), up to new technologies (augmented reality, etc.). My work asan Automation Developer allows me to use many electronic and softwarecomponents on a daily basis. Due to my passion, I own many (too many)devices for enjoying music, from liquid music to expensive vinyl records,which I will never stop buying.Lately I've been thinking about approaching the world of Beta Tester, tohave the chance to try and see and touch products from famous and lessfamous brands not yet on the market or in the development phase. Forthis reason I seized the chance to try a product from the Fosi Audio brand,which from its name would make you think of Italian production but whichis instead produced in China, specifically in Shenzhen. Among theproducts they offer, I was asked to give my impressions of a DACdedicated to the world of online gamers, among which I also include my11 year old son. It was he who I decided to let him try the DAC first,connecting it to one of the gaming peripherals he owns and uses mostoften to play, the Nintendo Switch. The product is extremely compact andpleasant to the touch, providing a decidedly valid construction sensation.

The DAC features on the front :
As can be seen from the image, the three classic knobs for adjusting thevolume and tones, also with the right resistance to rotation, furthermore thevolume knob also has the double function of ON/OFF by holding it pressedfor a few seconds and selection of the entrance with small pressures, bothfunctions confirmed by the mechanical click. On the left, there is space for 2standard 3.5 mm female jacks, for connecting headphones and microphone,in perfect gaming style.

The DAC features in the back :

2 RCA output connectors to connect to a HIFI amplifier, a Coax input, anOptical input and a USB Type C connector (excellent choice compared toold Micro USBs).The decoding of the input signals, entrusted to the Texas InstrumentsNE5532 op-amp chip,:24 bit/192 kHz, THD ≤0.003%, SNR ≥110dB. Output power: 1000mw@16Ω,500mw@32Ω, 300mw@64Ω, 150mw@128Ω, 80mw@300Ω, make theaudio characteristics of the little guy very respectable.The feature of the K5 Pro that thrilled me is that of the plug & play of theUSB part, which when connected to the game console or PC requiredabsolutely no type of installation, not even a driver. It is immediatelyrecognized by the system and can be used immediately.

The equipment includes:
● USB-C to USB-C cable, with reduction that can be integrated into USBA for connecting power and audio coding from a PC or console.
● Splitter cable, to connect gaming headphones to a single connector formic and audio.
● Optical cable.





Here in the image above is the K5 Pro, which found its natural habitat,between gaming sessions, connected to the Nintendo Switch withMasacegon gaming headphones on my son's head.

Personally I have connected various types of headphones, namely:

● Alessandro Grado SR-80x

They are my favorite headphones at the moment, open headphones thatdo not disappoint both at high and low volumes combined with the K5Pro DAC. Driven calmly with exaggerated volumes without the slightestdistortion.
1) The mechanical click of the half stroke of the bass and treble toneadjustment potentiometers is also excellent, to give tactile feedback ontheir stroke.

● Philips Fidelio X2HR


They are large headphones in terms of size, and the size of the soundcombined with the K5 PRO DAC is wide and slightly flatter, but justintervene with the Bass and Treble adjustment and everything becomesfantastic again.

● Sennheiser XD599

Balanced sound and excellent Sennheiser quality, here too I am notdisappointed by the combination with the K5 Pro. With my toneadjustments I manage to obtain the desired result. Volume alwaysbeyond destruction limits.
In addition to the headphones, I went as far as connecting the DAC to aMarantz PM 6007 amplifier connected to some excellent Indiana Line Tesi560s. As a source I used a Marantz Mod. HD-CD1 CD player, connected withoptical coupling to the K5 Pro DAC in Opt modeThe sound returned by the system seemed consistent with the product, andnot at all obvious, indeed listening to a CD by Carlos Santana 'Lotus', withvery electronic sounds and guitars present throughout the album, wereenhanced by the little guy. Let's not forget that the name printed on the frontof the K5 says 'MINI STEREO GAMING DAC' so we cannot think of havingthe performance of a HI-FI hiRes component, but this does not mean that Ialso exclude its use for a small Audio Deck I listen.This is the second Fosi brand component in my possession, I am the happyowner of a Fosi ZK-1002D which I use as a super compact and portableamplifier, to liven up garden parties, and from my experience of use I believethat this brand can reserve us some nice surprises for the next products.