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Integrating Tidal into Fosi BT20A Pro


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Hi there,

I recently got into Tidal and the Headphones side of things. To drive these headphones I have a Fiio k5 Pro desktop headphone dac/amp and a THX Onyx for my on the go laptop or phone paired with Senheiser 6xx headphones.

I am interested in integrating this hi-fi experience into running passive speakers with the Fosi BT20A that I just purchased. I wanted to know what a safe way would be to go about doing this.

  1. Running a white and red rca cable from the Fiio k5's line out to the Fosi's Line in. I am concerned if this iss a possibility, because someone said that the fiio k5 pro is controlling the line out ports with it's own volume knob and that would potentially overload or damage the inputs on the Fosi BT20A as it's meant to drive headphones. Does this make any sense? Or would it be safe to try.
  2. Running a 3.5mm to RCA from the Onyx Headphone Dac/amp into the Fosi BT20A. (Again someone said this would somehow potentially damage the receiver.) I thought RCA cables didn't carry power, so I don't entirely understand the overload situation.
  3. I am learning about the wiiM pro but would have to invest some additional cash for this piece of equipment. I am willing to do it if option 1 and 2 are somehow unsafe. (I am weary because I don't understand how something that is wireless will be able to stream uncompressed tidal audio. Audio generally compresses over a bluetooth connection?)
Please advise, I am new at this! Thank you in advance for your response.
For headphone listening, the Fosi sk02 is perfect. I wrote a review. As for the compression of the bt20a pro, using an ipad in bluetooth, the sound is really great, but of course the quality of the bluetooth is not comparable to that with the cable connection, especially inserting a dac in the middle, as for example I did now with the sk02. As far as I'm concerned, I can say that the sound improves with the operating amplifiers, but as mentioned above, the cable connection is better. If it can be useful you can read my posts.