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Soild State V3 Family Preamp

Joseph E Smith

New member
My main product wish from Fosi is for a multi-input V3 family/look preamp, with multiple inputs, Bluetooth receiver and a simple remote control. I think this would be well-received by V3 users. Anyone else feel this way?

No one, to my knowledge, makes a current preamp that also has an included or optional phono preamp. That would be a truly exceptional product, but would probably require a wider case than something that would match with the V3.
Hey, bumping this topic again. I t would be great, now that the V3 Monos are getting shipped, whether we can look forward to a solid state preamp model in the V3 family/series yet this year. With the end of the Schiit Saga S, apart from a kind of feature-bloated product from Emotiva, there is no new basic multi-input stereo preamp under $350. Anyone else on here who are hungering for this item to be developed?