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All-in-one product solution

will williams

New member

In our recent survey within our community, we explored the concept of an All-In-One solution, garnering insightful feedback and suggestions from numerous audiophiles. We're now reaching out for your additional perspectives on this product.

We would greatly appreciate your thoughts on what this product should encompass and which of the two proposed solutions resonates more with you. Your input is invaluable in shaping an exceptional audio experience.

Option A: CD+streamer+DAC+preamp+headphone amp
Option B: CD+streamer+DAC+preamp+power amplifer7bbf0528cfab840ff2d4a764e95dd2480b0757cc531dd69b4ae13c4e4306e3d9QzpcVXNlcnNcWUxcQXBwRGF0YVxSb2...png
Surely this is an excellent product for those who have nothing and want to create an audio angle inside their home.

In my opinion for the type of product I would propose option B

Option A assumes that the consumer already has an amplifier, so he has a stereo system, probably a cd player and he doesn't need many specifications.
I have doubts about the coaxial input.
I personally would want Option B, to add CD player functionality to my home theatre/listening room. Ideally this would be able to be used as a power amp to power my front L & R stand mounts when using my 5.4.4 Atmos AVR for movies, then switch to CD mode for some stereo listening on the L & R stand mounts alone. If this is even possible, sign me up to the Kickstarter now :)