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DAC Fosi audio k5pro gaming static hiss


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Could not find any solution and i dont know if my device is broken, i recently bought a new headphone (dt900 pro x) before i used the dt 990 pro and i did not encounter any issues. Well, the old one broke and i ordered a new pair of headphones. Now i notice that there is a static sound/hiss when i am plugging in the new headphones in my fosio audio k5pro. I muted all volume on my pc and i still got a hiss, when i turn the treble higher with the knob, the hiss gets louder. I thought maybe its my headphone, when i plug the headphone straight into my pc i dont hear any hiss. Than i thought maybe its my pc, so i plugged my dac into the ps5 and still got the same problem. I grabbed some cheap random earbuds i had in my room, plugged them in my dac and still got that hiss sound. So now i know its not my headphone, with my dt 990 that i used first with my dac, i never was hearing that hiss or maybe i just did not notice it. Is there any fix or is my dac broken? I ordered them 1 year ago om amazon. So i should probably have warranty left i think. Please help me!