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Amplifier V3 Monoblock with PFFB Implementation is Coming!

re: 48V 10A power supply

Dear @Fosi Audio Team

I am writing to you here first, due to some extensive discussions going on in one of the major forums regarding your product "48V 10A Power Supply" and noticed that there are also questions regarding this matter in the Kickstarter campaign's comments section. I have not found anywhere information from Fosi Audio that answers the user enquiries.

Additionally, you are already aware that a major reviewer used one (1) of these '10A' units to power two (2) V3 Mono test samples, and one (1) test sample stopped functioning while under a very stressful series of tests.

Having looked at your website's product page here:
and the product image for the 10A model shows the Make & Model Number: Huntkey hka30048063-7d
This model is rated at only 6.25A CONTINUOUS, and 10A MAX

This is not the expectation of most supporters of your Kickstarter campaign.
It definitely was not my expectation when I personally pledged for two (2) V3 Mono amplifiers, and two (2) 10A power supplies.
This could also explain the failure of the unit being tested by the reviewer using only one power supply to power both amps.

I understand that the world of 3rd party power supplies can be a bit murky, but considering the significant price increase of ~83% for what looks like just 1.25A of extra continuous current, maybe a better performing or more price competitive 10A power supply can be found?
One of your competitors offers a '10A GAN power supply' for ~$80 USD via their website.

Looking very forward to your response.
Hello, our 48V/10A power supply supports a stable output of 10A. Below is a video of our actual test of this power supply. This model was custom-made for us by Huntkey and is not the same as their other 6.25A power supply.
If using two V3 Monoblocks as a stereo pair, is there any performance advantage to utilizing two of the 10A power supplies versus utilizing two of the 5A power supplies? Please let us know. Thank you.