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Will using ZA3 for high level input to sub damage the amp?

Hi all, this is my first post in this forum but I have been a FOSI fan for a couple of years. I have a Mojo 2 DAC that has two 3.5mm outputs. Until last week, my setup was that one output goes through a high pass 80hz filter to a ZA3 which then sends to my Lintons. The other output went to a Z3, which sent speaker level inputs to two RSL Speedwoofers (left and right channel). This worked great for months. I like it because I can control the sub volume independently, and without having to crawl around to the backs of the subs. The ZA3 sub output volume is tied to the master volume, and it works better for me if I can control the subs completely independently. Then, the Z3 stopped working. I do not know why. I have two Z3 Monos coming from the Kickstarter, and would like to use the ZA3 for speaker level input to the subs in place of the Z3. But, will doing so damage the ZA3? I don't want to screw up a second amp.

thanks for any comments!